Our weekend with the Larkins family

The Larkins family came to GI this weekend because Jessica was in a
basketball tournament at the YMCA. We had a great time with them!
We soaked up the sun at the park, Owen went to his first basketball game,
and we had a miniature Wii tournament (thus all of the Wii remotes in the pics).

Taylor and Owen swingin’ together.

Taylor being Taylor, and Owen and Sadie hanging out.
Owen and I cheering for Jessica.
Yeah Jessica!!! Her team made it to the championship game.
The peanut section
Giving loves to Jessica.
Go Zebra, go.
Hang in there Zebra, hang in there
Technology is cooool.
Me, Owen, Taylor, Cody, Jessica, and Sadie
We tried to get Sadie to give Owen a hug all weekend so we could take a picture.
We finally got the little stinkers together right before they left.
How sweet are they?!

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