Our annual trip to Brownville

Every year we plan a trip to the Brownville area and celebrate fall.
It is ALWAYS a wonderful time!
We do something different every time we go.
Sometimes there is wine tasting, apple picking, museum-ing, or maybe sightseeing.
The list goes on and on.
This year we went to the John Brown’s Cave Historical Site
and then to Brownville’s Fall Festival.
We ended our day picnicking at our favorite park.

Checking out the machinery with the guys

Spending a moment with Aunt Tracy
“Lift me up, Uncle Jesse.”
What an adorable 19th century student!
“I said pay attention, young man!”

Strollin’ with Uncle Jesse and Uncle Aaron
I have no words to describe this picture.
Owen was loving the leaves all day.
Be prepared to see a lot of pictures with Owen and leaves.

“I’m ready, Aunt Laura.”
This is Owen’s first time on a big boy swing.
Chester and Owen
More leaf pictures

Playing catch with Uncle Aaron (sort of)

These swings are impossible to resist.
Here is a pic of Great Uncle Denny and Grandpa Frank lovin’ life.
Grandma Stel and Owen

The traditional family photo on the slide.
We have been taking this same photo for over 20 years.
There are a lot more of us now and we are all quite a bit bigger.
Grandpa Frank acting like Grandpa Frank.
Uncle Jesse and Uncle Luke finding the swings impossible to resist.
Mommy and Owen enjoying some time together.
Tuckered out!

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