Christmas in Spokane

We headed to Spokane at the beginning of January to celebrate Christmas with Nana,
Papa Dean, Kaden, Monaca, Adam, Ryan, and Lisa.
It was fun, fun, fun!!!
Kaden and Carson playing in the “jungle gym”
Lisa, the baby whisperer, and Carson
Uncle Ryan and Carson.
Check out that hair!

Lookin’ good!
“I thought my hair looked bad.”
Thank you for such a great time Nana and Papa Dean, and for all of the gifts!!

Extremely excited about his Christmas bag!
Poor Carson slept very little the whole time we were there. He was teething, had a cold and couldn’t breath, and his eczema was really bothering him. He was quite the trooper!


Nana and her Hickenbottom boys

This is what Owen and Kaden look like from the back….
…And this is what they look like from the front.
Again, lookin’ good!

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