Birthday Celebration #3

When you turn 3 you get 3 birthday parties!
Family and friends came to The Amazing Pizza Machine on the Sunday after
Owen’s birthday to celebrate with us.
We had a wonderful time!!
Owen asked for a blue cake with Thomas on it.
We delivered!

Owen and Colin

A big boy bike!!!!!
Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Owen, Colin, Kyla, and Jada

Kyla and Owen,
so sweet!

Uncle Luke playing a helicopter game.
Aunt Tracy and Carson
Ummm, Grizzly Adams?!?!
Oh wait, Uncle Jesse.

Everyone was winning tickets and Aunt Laura started collecting them all.
She ended up with about 700 tickets and helped Owen pick out some fun prizes.
Not bad!

Thanks for everything Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Luke, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Tracy, Aunt Laura and Uncle Aaron, Kyla, Jada, Erin, and Masa, Colin and Casey!
I love my gifts and I had a great time with you all!!

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