60 years of Papa Frank!

So, my dad turned 60 on the 10th of December.
We celebrated it by having a fine dinner in the Lead Lodge in
Nebraska City…which he knew about.
The surprise…a Hummer limousine to chariot him and his family there.
He was very excited and enjoyed himself immensely!
He became happier and happier as the night went on.
Happy Birthday, Papa Frank!!
We love you!!

Yes, Owen is picking his nose in this picture….and probably farting!
Geeze, he is such a boy!

Owen: When is this party starting?!
Cheers to Papa Frank!
Good times!!
Owen: Don’t mind if I do.
Papa Frank with his best friend, Uncle Mark (Grandma’s brother).
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Papa Frrrraaannkkk!
Owen playing with his cousin, Sadie.

The whole gang
Owen: Happy birthday, Papa Frank! Here is a wet willy just for you.
A bunch of cheeseballs!

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