I know very few of you can fathom this, but I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago.
My loving husband (and little boy) had arranged a wonderful surprise
party for me at Platte River State Park.
Lane booked a cabin and had a very thought out scheme to make it all work.
It was a splendid gift for sure and so much fun!!
The pictures below are of the party animals and then our stay at the park the next day.
Thanks for everything everyone!!!!

“Just put the cake on the plate Mommy, and step back.”
My cousins, Kurt and Sadie
Net and Zach
Aaron, Laura, and Jesse (the one smelling his armpit)
Daddy-O and my good friend, Denise
My wonderful cousin, Amy
My great friend Stacy Jo with her wee little one Carter and, of course, my lovely Grandma
My bro, Luke
Taylor Mary, being Taylor Mary
Lane-O and Jessica

The next day.
Owen LOVES to throw rocks into lakes and rivers.

They have tee-pees you can camp in, which we did not do, but we checked them out.

We also climbed the look-out tower.

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