SD/WY/ MT Trip

Last month, Owen and I traveled with Lane to a wedding he was shooting in Billings, MT.
It turned out to be a really fun adventure for us.
Owen was quite the little trooper, considering we spent so much time on the road.
We hit Rapid City, SD to see our friends Ryan and Barb Soderlin.
Then we made it to Sheridan, WY. Awww, the memories!!
Finally, we went to the wedding in Billings.
It was definitely a memorable trip!!
The first few photos were from my camera and the rest were from Lane’s camera.

The one and only Corn Palace.

Kendrick Park in Sheridan

Wildlife in Sheridan. They grow ’em big in Wyoming.

The rest of these pics are from Lane’s camera.
Yeah, Lane!!

The Tongue River Canyon is gorgeous!!
Don’t try this at home!
Headed toward the bridge

Throwing rocks into the river, Owen’s new favorite past time.
“I need more rocks!”
We headed under the bridge to throw a few more rocks.

“Hi, Dad!”

Washing off
Hiking back to the car
We stayed at Bear Lodge in the Big Horn Mountains.
This lake is situated right next to the lodge and we were amazed to see two moose
drinking from it when we were pulling into the parking lot.
It turned out to not be too out of the ordinary though because
they were there the next morning as well!
Breathtaking all the same!
Found another bridge perfect for rock throwing
Headed toward Sibley Lake

*No rocks were harmed in the making of these pictures!

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