Round two of the pumpkin patch

That’s right, we went back to the pumpkin patch!!
Daddy got to go with us!
Mommy’s school had a family night at the pumpkin patch.
We went with some good friends, the Vrbas family and Miss Scott.
We had another good time!
Me and Daddy

Me and the pumpkin patch kittys

Jumpin’ in a giant orange pumpkin

I don’t know!?!

Daddy challenged Dave to a trike race. Go Daddy, go!
There was some leg cramping, flat tires, good sportsmanship, and many laughs.
Dave kicked Daddy’s behind.

Me and my new buddy Jack.
How cute are we?!

Check out my hair!

Jack, Dave, Amy Vrbas and TiLynn Scott
enjoying the hayrack ride.
Mommy and me picking out a pumpkin.

3 thoughts on “Round two of the pumpkin patch”

  1. Wait just a darn second here!

    “Good sportsmanship”?!?! He totally CUT ME OFF! Whatev!

    Aw well…all is forgiven…I guess!


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