Christmas at Gamma and Papa Frank’s House

We always go to Christmas Eve mass.
Jesse was Owen’s buddy when church was over.
Every year mom manages to get a family photo out of us while we are still in
our Christmas duds.
Time to open presents!!

Lovin’ Tracy!
Enjoying his new Cars table from Gamma and Papa Frank.
“Play too-too, Luke!”

Ready for Christmas Day at Grandma Irene’s house.

Ummm…I’m taking suggestions for a caption for this picture.

2 thoughts on “Christmas at Gamma and Papa Frank’s House”

  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas… wish we could have seen you. You should bring that sled up to Spokane, we have had over 8 inches of snow fall in the last 5 hours and it continues to dump!

  2. Camel: So I told that wise guy, ‘Hey! Get off my back and stop bustin’ my hump!’

    Owen and Grandma: ‘Ohhhhh, SNAP!’

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