We went sledding last Sunday with Uncle Luke. It was SO much fun and the boys had a blast, especially Owen. I think he could have stayed out there all day. Lane got the idea to start taping some of the sled runs, so we got some HILARIOUS footage. Some of the videos will need a little explanation, but they are all great to watch.

This is our gift to you. Enjoy!

Owen and Lane going down together. Lane is holding the camera.

This is Carson and I going down. Explanation for this video: We had JUST lost the ONLY binky that Carson likes, and we all scanned and scanned the hill looking for it. And then, all of a sudden, there it was!!

This is Luke and Owen sledding down together with Lane and the camera right at their heels. You will see a jerk in the action and that is where Lane’s sled hits their sled.

This is a very confusing video, but it stars all of us and is pretty funny. Lane is waiting at the bottom of the hill with Carson. I am going down the hill first and then Luke and Owen. Lane does not tape the sledding part very well, but what happens is Luke and Owen end up running into me during the sled ride and I accidentally kick Luke. Now we are sledding down one right after the other and headed straight for Lane and Carson. You will see a snippet of the sled run and then see chaos as Lane is trying to get out of the way. I end up running into Lane’s back and Luke and Owen run into me, which causes me to hit Lane again. Poor guy!! The rest is just all of us having a laugh at what just happened and Owen already halfway up the hill ready to have another go at it.

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