Laura and Aaron’s big day.

Sarah, Carson, Owen and I had a blast this past week at Laura and Aaron’s wedding. It was fun having such a good-looking group to photograph at a wedding! You can check out a few more photos from the wedding on my blog.

Here is the wedding from the boys’ perspectives.

Owen: Is a choo-choo coming?

Owen: Ummm…where’s Carson? Is a choo-choo coming?

Owen: I think this is the perfect opportunity to test drive a brand new smile I’ve been working on.
Carson: Daddy, this is sooooo boring! When does the party start?

Carson: I’m bored. Has the party started yet?
Aaron: So help me God, if Carson spits up on me….
Owen: Carson just ate, so I’m going to stay back here just in case he spits up.

Owen: I wonder if Thomas could fit in this church?

Carson: Papa Frank, I’m bored. Wake me up when the party starts.

Sarah: Finally a family photo where we all look nice.
Carson: I’m bored. When does the party start?
Lane: I wonder if Lynnett can work my camera.
Owen: I think I’ll stick with my old, standby smile. “Cheese!”

Carson: Yeah! Let’s party!
Sarah: Don’t mind if I do!

Carson: Whoo hoo! It’s a party!
Laura: So help me God, if Carson spits up on me….

Carson: This is my kind of party!

Owen: ummm…what has mommy been drinking?

Owen: Dancing with Grandma is fuuuu-uuuunnn!!

Owen: Uncle Jesse’s breath smells like medicine.

3 thoughts on “Laura and Aaron’s big day.”

  1. Lane… I hurt from trying not to laugh loudly while my family sleeps…

    "breath smells like medicine"

    You have a beautiful family, and a gift for goofiness. Awesome!

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